Hotel guests can get a warm feeling from something simple like a smile from the doorman. The question is; “how can you inject the “WOW” factor into a welcome that makes your hotel stand out from the crowd?” People quickly notice when you are not giving them your full attention. It is about greeting them by name, adapting to their mood, and really taking an interest. The use of the guest’s name is crucial. Guests are usually surprised when we know their names.

What to Do Prior to Guests Arrival,

Before guests arrive, it’s important to contact them via email…

Rules of private hygiene and sanitary food handling weren’t invented just to form your life difficult. There are good reasons for all of them. the knowledge presented here is practical further as theoretical. It mustn’t merely be learned but should be used systematically. One effective system foodservice establishment can use to make sure food safety is that the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. This practical program identifies possible danger points and sets up procedures for corrective action. Preventing food-borne illness is one of the foremost important challenges facing every food service worker. so as to forestall illness, a…

Culinary is an art, in which culinary/food preparation means “related to cook or preparation of food”, food preparation, presentation of food, usually in terms of meals. People working in this field commonly called “Chefs” or “Cooks”.


The preceding discussion is necessarily general because there are numerous sorts of kitchen organizations. Titles vary also. The responsibilities of the worker called the second cook, for instance, aren’t necessarily equivalent in every establishment. Escoffier’s standardized system has evolved in many directions. One title that’s often misunderstood and far abused is a chef. The general public tends to ask anyone with a white hat…

Floors are both functional and decorative and play an important part in the cleaning and maintenance program of any hotel. They cover a large area and are subject to a great deal of wear and tear. Clean and well-kept floors indicate the standard of cleanliness throughout the establishment. Only in rare cases is the type of flooring chosen solely for luxury.

Common considerations while choosing a flooring are:

  • Appearance — color, design, cold, warm
  • Resistance to spills — water, grease, food, acid, etc.
  • Ease of cleaning in relation to the type and amount of soiling
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Nature…

Housekeeping supplies and amenities for Guest includes all the items that are conducive to the guest material comfort and convenience.

The guest supply includes all items that are conducive to the guest’s material comfort and convenience. The supplies or amenities are subdivided into 1) Guest amenities, 2) Essentials, 3) Expendables and 4) Loan items.


Behind the Main Door:

  • A detailed fire exit plan map is affixed behind the door of all guest rooms.
  • DND — Do Not Disturb card which can be hung to the door handle.
  • ‘Make up my Room’ card.
  • ‘Pick up my Laundry’ card.
  • Room Service Breakfast…

A successful design depends not only on what the building looks like and the effect that it creates on the user but also on practical considerations. Since each hotel type targets different kinds of clientele, its planning requirement will vary by the location selected, size, image, space standards,, and other characteristics.

Note: The layout of the guest might differ from room to room and from hotel to hotel. Layout entirely depends on the availability of space.

Design considerations also vary by type. For example, resort hotels require larger rooms, closets, and drawer space than downtown hotels. Roadside motels may require…


Throughout history, people have needed to travel for survival, trade, conquests, or curiosity. Very little is known about the prehistoric period between 40000 BC to 10000 BC as no written records exist. But after that period we have records in form of archaeological records, cave paintings, stories, epics, etc.

The growth of tourism can be studied under different periods.

  1. Ancient period or early civilization– Civilization developed around 10000 BC to 8000 BC in the Neolithic period when people began living together and developed settlements. Agriculture developed and trade began amongst various settlements. Travel on animals…

Grouping hotels based on various criteria is known as classification.

Hotel classification serves the following purpose:

  • Lends uniformity in services and sets general standards of a hotel
  • Provide an idea regarding the range and type of hotels available within a geographical location
  • Acts as a measure of control over hotels with respect to the quality of services offered in each category.
  • Helps tourist select a hotel that meets their requirement.


  1. Size
  2. Location and clientele
  3. Star
  4. Ownership basis
  5. Degree of service offered


  • SMALL SIZED HOTEL: less than 100 rooms
  • MEDIUM-SIZED HOTEL: between 100 to 299 rooms

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